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Author Topic: Quality of Service  (Read 435 times)

Offline Wayang

In an effort to get away from the obsession of some posters about price it might be useful to focus on what qualities we all look for in a good punt (at no more than £150/hour!!!).
I enjoy a good session of slow snogging, mutual undressing and exploration and pleasuring.  Lots of DFK and tongueing
Lots of mutual nipple play - nibbling and gentle biting and a slow gentle f*ck - no rutting.
I for one want the WG to orgasm (yep, I reckom I know a fake),

Offline foresight

I don't necessarily look for a list of services as long as OWO and RO are on offer. As long as the girl is British and fits my age/size/looks criteria and happily gives 110%, then ,chances are, it's a quality punt.

Offline smiths

Firstly i will pay more than £150 an hour if i fancy the WG enough, i would of missed out on Keira Pharrell who at the time was £180 an hour otherwise and who offered a great service, as well as Alex of TBL.

Secondly i require DFK and OWO as essentials with RO, CIM and Swallow along with Anal play, Rimming on me and Dirty Talk by a WG not embarrassed, giggling or saying she doesnt know what to say, all being good. I particularly like stereophonic dirty talk one WG in each ear, my ears being nibbled at the same time is heaven. Size 6-16, i happily punt with WGs from anywhere of any race or colour and aged 18 to whatever age if i fancy them. Smiling is important for me to see on the WGs face. Obviously i require clean and hygienic as a basic.

Ideally the WG naked from when she opens her door to me apart from very high clear porn heels where she has to take short steps and totters along, i find the tottering as long as she doesnt fall over a big turn-on. If being naked isnt practical immediately then a fishnet bodystocking is fine or anything else thats revealing. I detest any form of tease, i want blatant and in my face filth.

I prefer loud brash mouthy WGs but not constant talkers who deliver the goods but quiet ones are ok as well if they are to my liking. Ultimately, if they are seemingly friendly and enthusiastic offering me the agreed services and i fancy them its punting heaven with the only thing being better being where we click and the WG knows how to press my sexual buttons from the start which does happen on occassion.
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IMO a quality service includes the following:

Good prompt communication
Good attitude to her work & customers
High level of cleanliness & hygiene (for herself & her work place)
Provides all services that are stated on her profile
Provides a consistently high level of service to one & all

All good WG's should meet these criteria.  Other points like looks, age, price, nationality etc are not included as these are subjective to each individual.

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