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Author Topic: Lincoln, Retford, Gainsborough  (Read 1871 times)

Offline deuce14

Longtime lurker here. Just wondering if anyone new of any decent or indeed any prossies in Kinds, be it Lincoln, Gainsborough etc, or North Notts is Retford, not Nottingham tho.

Have read the existing and previous threads relating to the above.

The current Lincoln ones seem to be mainly Romanians, on Portland Terrace or the hotel near the uni. And the Indies have been the same bunch for ages.

Would appreciate if anyone has better information

Offline Jackjones

For Lincoln:

https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2501302 is the newest girl to lincoln. No one has been to see her from ukp yet tho.

Mia Wallace is the second newest girl to Lincoln (whos English)

Randomly the girls from this group turn up in lincoln at the hotel you mention all of which are good. Check all links as post is a little out of date.

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Offline deuce14

Thank you jack. Very helpful. I forgot to mention there are a contingent of eastern Europeans and Brazilian (I think) girls who work out of a flat on Olsen Rise on Carlton Boulevard. Never had a bad punt there, and they all do kissing too

Offline deuce14

This was one of the Portland Street/terrace girls, who works out of one of the basement flats. https://www.adultwork.com/2447920 has not logged in for few days tho. Poor English due to being Romanian but very compliant and will let you smash her roughly and kiss her too. One of the better Romanian punts and 40 for a quickly, although have also had terrible punts from same place. Bit of a lottery, although at least it's a longer established whoreden

Offline Taggart

I can recommend Classy New Milf in Lincoln - https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=756834

There's very little else that floats my boat in the area, most seem castoffs from Viz - the Fat Slags !!!
Further afield, Missfucksalot is on my HL, and up the A1 just beyone Bawtry is Scarlet Rose - https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1869905 - who gets good reviews.

But that area is a real disappointment with too many EEs, unreliables, and uglies.

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Offline deuce14

Thanks Taggart. The milf looks good. Although her listing as 38 always makes me think 'add a decade on', although I still would book it.

The Bawtry one you mention is not too far, and only 45 for a quicky too, worth a bash. And if it's washout can always try the brothel in Kirk Sandall

Offline Taggart

I've seen Classy Milf, and I'd say she's no more than 40. I did enjoy myself with her, and for a lady of that age, no stretch marks!
The other one on my 'to do' list is imogen99 in Grantham, who has some new, recent feedback.

Offline deuce14

Excellent I'll give her a try then. I've banged prossies aged 19 with stretch marks so they don't phase me. For me as long as she is still fairly tight enough I'm happy.

Have you ever punted anyone in Gainsborough?

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