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Author Topic: Majorca  (Read 6743 times)

Offline Rock123


Anyone have any punting experience in Majorca and more specifically in the Cala Millor/Bona region?

I don't really want to go to Magaluf either!


Offline walshy101

there was  a massive street scene in magaluf thats was mainly african theives, never enquired as not my scene and they are not the best looking, there is a place in palma thats meant to be really good cant remeber name but someone on here maybe able to help. if all esle fails ask the the taxi drivers they will know

Offline Shagger69

Visited the Magaluf brothels many times, they're not all full off the black African ones, there's some really nice stunners
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Offline markc65

Not in the area you are looking for but if you get down to Palma try  Casa Maite http://www.casamaite.com/inicio.html

It is mentioned in this thread https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=14890  It is typical set up for many Spanish brothels

Offline bfl

Loads to go at in palma, casa blanca was always a favourite of mine.  Top models was another good 1. Depends on budget really.

In palma the street whores are 30 euro for a quickie in the underground car park or 1 of the ones above are 60 euro for half hour. Most of the strip clubs are brothels apart from heaven in magaluf. Also ask the taxi drivers, they know more than anyone and I always asked advice.

I lived there for 6 years so a fair bit of experience.



I went to Casa Maite in Palma. Well worth it if it's still there.

Offline wolfstep


Any more info at all? I am off to Cala Bona and would like to maybe get a cheeky massage or two in with fringe benefits :D

Any info? feel free to pm if you prefer!!


Offline bfl

Never ventured out that way but ask a taxi driver, theyre always the best to ask. If not most strip clubs do extras.

Offline steve566

Hi im of to cala bona in a couple of weeks did yo have any luck there??

Offline wolfstep

Sorry only just saw this,nope mate could not find anywhere local and was with family so could not really stray too far. I did try a strip club that i found right at the end of the strip in Cala Millor but sadly it was all locked up so have no idea of whether its open or on holiday!!


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