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Author Topic: Romanians ( or EE in general)  (Read 1008 times)

Offline auldie63

Thought I would start a thread on the above.
At the moment the central belt seems to be awash with them and though most reports are No Nos there are some Ok reports. Some of the pics on these girls are amazing but that old Romanian delicacy of B & S seems to be on a lot of menus. Personally when I see the R its a no no for me but some of you seem to say that you have had good service from some of them.
I just thought that if we had a single place to report all meets with them it might save some of us time and more importantly cash.

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Genuinely not trying to pick a fight here... but surely this is what the reviews section is for?

I've just looked back over my reviews and 4 out of seven were EE (3 Romanian, 1 Polish). The most negative review was with a local Scots girl, who scammed me.

I end up punting with EE's due to the fact that my punting opportunities are generally limited to Dundee or Aberdeen, where we are limited to EE's or local skanks (a slight generalisation).

I do wonder if lurkers or low post count members here are reluctant to post reviews on Romanians because so many on here repeat the mantra "avoid Romanians". We all know that some of these girls are very busy, but there is very little info posted here. Maybe your thread will encourage blokes to post up average/acceptable experiences and not feel that only very good or very bad experiences should be posted here.

Offline auldie63

Just really trying to sort the wheat from the ripoffs. I don't want to believe they are all in the 2nd category so looking for honest assessments.

I don't mind the Romanian lass.  Had a few really good ones.

True a couple have been crap as well, but I've also had some crap local girls so would be reluctant to say it's a nationality issue.

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Re: Fucking Romanians!
« Reply #13 on: June 25, 2014, 09:56:00 pm »
Punters need to be more racially aware. There are three main ethnic groups in Romania, Romanians who are white Europeans, Hungarians who are white Europeans who found themselves in Romania when the boundaries were redrawn after WW1, and Gypsies/Romanies who are of Asian origin who migrated to Europe in the Middle Ages carrying forged letters purporting to be from the Pope,saying that they were Egyptian (the word gypsy is derived from the word Egypt) from Christians on pilgrimage and that they were to be provided with free of charge hospitality by the local population.

Centuries later, nothing has changed, the gypsy population are still scamming and thieving off the local populations throughout Europe. They are human vermin and are best avoided. These two so-called Romanian women are ethnic gypsies not real Romanians and the overwhelming majority of the Negative reviews of Romanian passport holders on UKP concern Romanian gypsies and the overwhelming majority of Positive reviews of Romanian passport holders on UKP concern real ethnic Romanians.

Hope this has posted in this thread. anyway i think its a great point  by helsmdale about different romanians. this is probably the real problem

I'd stick to UKP recommendations for whatever race of hooker you are looking at unless you are feeling particularly adventurous/desperate.

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