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Author Topic: Do you use viagra/kamagra  (Read 18577 times)

Offline foresight

I used to use both and found them useful in,for example, a two girl scenario when it's good to keep a hard on after dealing with the first girl. I quite liked the fuzzy in the head feeling they both gave me but the actual sex was not so intense.
I have now been diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat so keep well clear of them
I would hate to embarrass some poor wg by dropping dead on the floor :P

Offline john1959

I've read that Pfizer's patent on viagra expires in March this year so we can expect cheaper generic alternatives to become more widely available from more reliable sources.

I have used cialis for every punt over the last 3 years or so. I'm 52 and it works brilliantly for me.   


Offline othello

Never really have problems getting it up so dont need it but a thai bird give me 1 once and i thought my heart was going to bloody explode and i had a boner for 48 hours.Never again :unknow

Offline adindas

I have not used Viagra / Kamagra yet. But considering to use them in the future to help me get a boner for the second time within a short break ....

Offline pilgrim

I think just as with any medication it will affect each individual differently and it all depends on your physical condition, age etc I have also found that what I have had to eat recently also matters. I find an empty stomach achieves the best results. I have to agree with othellos comments. I thought I was going to collapse and die when I was book browsing in Waterstones, that was after a punt!

 I used to get it on free prescription from the Army Doc, he gave me 100mg tabs and advised to cut them up. Ive found this works well. The civy doctor now prescribes me the larger size as its more cost effective. As another poster has mentioned about coming early in the punt and then having another pop later on. I find I stay hard for 6-8 hours. And the response time can be instant, I was standing in the tube station and became aware that my lightweight Craghopper trs were straining as the desired effect was clearly showing and I was getting odd looks. Again different people react at different times and i think there is a difference between V and Cialis tablets.

As for side effects I get the red face flushes, thirsty and I tend to fall asleep on the train or tube on the way home.  I think in some areas of the UK you can get a free prescription and people with diabetes (dont know which type) and also those with hip/pelvic injuries also qualify on medical grounds.

Offline Knick

I use 10mg Cialis but think my issue is still in my head. Knowing its in my head doesn't help either. Just thinking about the problem produces PDE5 so I'm always in a catch-22 situation. Eventually I hope to get over it but in the meantime a little help helps me enjoy it.

I used this company for the first time, put in the order at 10 am yesterday and it arrived in a jiffy bag at 11am this morning, 12 Kamagra pills cost £20-40 including postage ---------


I'll vouch for this firm too.  Quick delivery (2 days) & the expiry date for the pills is 2015.  The last lot I ordered from a different firm were only just still in date when they arrived.  Still worked well enough though  :D

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