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Author Topic: Anna or Samantha of Amour  (Read 1007 times)

Has anyone seen either of these two? Location wise both seem ideal but there's very little info on here about either of them...

Offline themademan2

Anna... Stay away from her, crap. Samantha use to be Cameron and also worked diamonds. She is good and actually has a resemblence to Cameron Diaz no word of a lie
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Cheers. Tempted by Samantha although Anna backs up what I thought. I'm not particularly against bigger girls (I know Victoria of Washington is slimmer now but has been on my hitlist for ages, with Poppy BBW too) but there's just nothing on her profile looks remotely attractive. Will avoid.

Offline Greenman

Victoria. From Washington. Is a must for anyone in the NE section to sample

Anna was a waste of time. One of the worst I have seen. House was in very open street in Newbiggin. Visited in an afternoon and had walk past a whole street of people doing gardening. There was nothing about the punt that was in any way arousing. Struggled to get it up. Settled for oral only as I could not muster the enthusiasm to fuck her. FYI she did swallow it all.

Offline Mackydees

I'd agree about the location with Anna but have to say the service I had was perfectly fine, maybe your walk down to her house started the punt off badly? So everything else seemed to go wrong? Then again maybe my visit was just on a good day.

Who knows, this is the wonder of punting I suppose.
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