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Author Topic: First Time, Help Please  (Read 1373 times)

Looking to book first punt this week. Went through this forum and decided to go with edinburgh escort agency/edinburgh city escorts.
From this forum, seems like Cameron is the best  as Sammi isn't available at the moment.
However, Im into brunettes more than blondes and wanted to ask if anyone has reviews on the following:
Any recommendations/advice would be appreciated.


Online auldie63

Use the Search facility, enter the WG name and where she works and reviews will magically appear.
Unless of course you are the Agency, and just want these reviews back to the top of the list, in which case you probably wont bother. I smell something.

Offline Happyjose

Agreed. And every time someone else posts, it keeps this at the top of the list. Like me. Doh!

I am not part of the agency, just planning on booking someone from the agency for first time. I thought that the agency reviews are unreliable as they are all positive (which is strange) and the newer girls don't have reviews. Just wanted some honest recommendations and advice. Thanks

Offline BigFred

Very high turnover at the moment. If you pick a girl who hasn't been reviewed on here you're taking a chance, but you might get lucky.

Offline RandyF

Save yourself at least 30 or 40 quid and pick a reliable, well reviewed indie.
Banning reason: Troll

Online auldie63

Here's a search result for you
           This guy seems to have seen some.

Offline Third Man

Seems a fair question. Due to the sparseness up here all things have to be considered. I have  a desire to see Kassie, but as I've not used them I dont know if they actually do incalls now as there seemed to be some doubt in some other threads. Also its pricey for 30 mins if they even do that. I'm used to agencies in the north east and there are some cracking girls 50 for 30 mins.  Seems Scotland doesn't do  agencies.  I've seen a few good Indies in Edin, but obviously some don't have their own place to use so agencies could be useful. And if you want a desert , try Dundee!

Thanks for the input, went with Cameron for first punt. Good but not great. Might try Kassie next time, if I do ill put up a review.


I talked about Gina in this post. I can recommend her but be aware she is in her 40's and her face is nothing special (banging bod though).

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