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Author Topic: Picky escort !!  (Read 2954 times)

Offline Davet86

Hi all,

New to the site, wish I had come across it earlier and avoided some crappy punts.

Anyway I was having a look at escorts in the Ayrshire area last night and saw one that wasn't nice looking but was offering some fisting and I thought I would like to try fisting someone.
I mailed them and got this back which I found amusing.

I'm not liking this site coz ppl can see me and know wot age I am biput wen I try to access ppl profiles it sent let me ....tbh I don't meet ppl coz I'm getting paid I have to like them and click with them plus I don't meet ppl over 45....I live in troon town centre .....plus I just do evenings as I have a real job ....hope this is helpful xxxxx karii
I emailed again to clarify if she was wanted paid if she fancied the punter to which she stated she does.

User is called sexikarii1 I fear she is possibly a picture collector.
Anyone else had anything like this ?

Happy punting

Offline yorkshire123

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Offline vorian

Could someone please translate for me, my moron is a bit rusty.  :D
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Online Happyjose

Thanks. Those pics are going to stay with me for a long time

Offline JB1969

I would say you had a lucky escape lol that is grim!
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Offline Queynte

Offering bareback and a face like that.  I'm not quite getting why you were ever tempted to email her. I feel violated having looked at her gallery

Offline RandyF

Jesus fuck.  :wacko:  People don't pay to fuck that thing. No way.

That's mental.

Get her in the worst picture thread.

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Offline k

Tip: If you want to see your fist again I would advise you to steer clear.

Offline Queynte

Her fanny likely has teeth and corrosive fusty fanny fudge. If you pause for a second you can almost smell her yeast fermenting from here.... Deep breath everyone

Offline Davet86

I just find it very weird that an 'escort' would want to pick and choose who they see (especially with a face like that) when there are beautiful ones who will give anyone who crosses their palm with silver a good time
C'mon.....nobody else ever fancied fisting a munter for a laugh lol ;)  !

Offline RandyF

C'mon.....nobody else ever fancied fisting a munter for a laugh lol ;)  !

Not a mentally ill looking granny with a hairy arse, no. :timeout:
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Offline Davet86

Not a mentally ill looking granny with a hairy arse, no. :timeout:

Each to their own

Offline Bubbling

I think she just looking for guys she likes, they fuck her she gets sexual satisfaction (as no sane man would fuck her ) and they pay her. Win Win situation for her :dash:

WTH - she's  :scare: :scare: :scare: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

what the heck you even thinking  :dash:


Offline BigSur

Some escorts are so far up thheir own arse they are blind
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Offline Taggart

Hmmmm. Beached whale on the Ayshire coast - Exclusive........

bareback and pig frigging ugly  :dash: :dash: :dash:
Apart from the fact she can only write in gibberish offers bareback  :scare: and wants you to stick your fist up what looks like a very nasty dark and dank whole , I suppose she isn't to bad  :wacko: :wacko:

one very luck escape there my friend

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