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Author Topic: Vanessa.x south kensington  (Read 2641 times)

5 review(s) for vanessa.x (1 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2505149 or https://www.adultwork.com/vanessa%2Ex

I called Vanessa, but got no response. Via text, I booked a 1 hour mid afternoon appointment for about 3 hours time. I made my way to the postcode given by tube. About 40 mins before the booked time, Vanessa sent a text to my punting phone asking if I was still coming. I didn't get this message till I left the station and tried to call her, probably as I was on the tube. She claimed she thought I wasn't still coming and that she had popped out and was stuck in traffic. She seemed apologetic and was in contact, so I waited about 1/2 hour to see her.  She met me at the door of the flat and took me into a nice room with en-suite bathroom, decent bed and clock.

Vanessa is definitely the girl from the photos and is an attractive curvy lady with very large breasts. Also not a size 10 but you can see that from the photos, and I didn't ask but would have put her age at older than 19. Again, I expected this from the photos. I was offered a shower, so I quickly washed and joined Vanessa in the bedroom. She asked how I wanted to start, offering a massage. I asked if she kissed, she said yes but was not too enthusiastic, then I got her to sit on the bed and give owo while I played with her tits. She was not keen on her nipples being touched. She was wearing a basque and stockings, at this point the basque came off and I joined her on the bed.

We had sex for a while in a variety of positions. Lack of willingness to kiss was a disapointment, otherwise she was willing and she does have a great body for fucking. After a while I asked if she could suck me off and I could cum in her mouth. She said yes. It took a while for me to come, and when I did come mostly through hand relief she seemed a bit put off when some of it went on her face.

We rested before the second round, then she gave me a massage and then owo and sex again. Both enjoyable. Had a shower and left. I wasn't rushed out of the door and definitely got my full time.

Overall, I had an enjoyable enough time, but the communications and fact she wasn't too into it with some of the things promised on her profile had me tempted to put a negative, I put neutral as I might return as she is still a very attractive girl to me.

5 review(s) found for vanessa.x linked to in above post (1 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

I need to edit this. Location should be Barons Court. D'oh!

Offline akauya

Lovely tits, shame about not letting you play with them fully! The lackluster service and expensive rates make her a no for me. And you're right, she's more of a size 14 than 10  :D

Thanks for the review anyway


Offline Vivago

Shame about the kissing but that's not really a deal breaker for me.  Would still like to get my hands on those mighty mams. I think I'll keep her on my HL.
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Online NightKid

And there's further proof that God doesn't exist ... cause if He did, then He wouldn't put that face and tits on a girl with an attitude like that.  :D

Still, thanks for taking one for the team and well done for being faster at it than the usual TOFT punters too. *insert golfclap emoticon*

Yes, saw her at the start of June for 90 minutes. She is very attractive , but she is not comfortable with kissing nor with sucking on her boobs. But her own was great and sex responsive enough and oh she is very good to talk to , intelligent and smart.

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