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Author Topic: Chanel at Club Classique Loughborough  (Read 1955 times)

I was in the area and rang on spec, hoping Chanel might be available - I'd seen her images and felt that I'd like to meet her. I was lucky, she was free within the hour so I hotfooted it over there. I was greeted by the maid and had a quick shower so I was clean for Chanel's attention

When Chanel walked in the room I was knocked back at her fabulous looks, tall, long straight hair and curves and a bottom to die for. She has lovely eyes which I later found myself staring into quite a bit. The photos don't mislead but I found her even more attractive than I'd hoped for

We immediately kissed - not quite DFK, but very sensual all the same and I laid down for a brief 'massage' while we got to know each other. Before long I turned over and Chanel gave me a long burst of OWO at which she was very good, and gave every indication she enjoyed. This was interspersed with more kissing while I admired her lovely body which was by now naked. By mutual agreement Chanel moved into a 69 position so I could lick her delectable pussy which was wet and tasted divine. She lay down and I enjoyed giving her some more oral to which she orgasmed delightfully.

With the jacket on Chanel rode me, it felt and looked wonderful, and it was at this point I was looking into her eyes. Again interspersed with more kissing until the inevitable happened. A chat to put the world to rights while we both came back to earth and I left a happy man

I will return I hope

£100 + £10 for 45 mins

Nice one, Mike. There's a real bit of class about Chanel, and I doubt that many punters see her just the once.

There most certainly is, she is lovely!