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Author Topic: hottieCaroline  (Read 612 times)

Offline realist

https://www.adultwork.com/2385974 or https://www.adultwork.com/hottieCaroline

I am new on the site but understand the risk of meeting someone with no feedback. Anyone  had the opportunity of meeting hottie Caroline. She seems nice but no review is the warning light. She seems to have moved from Guildford to Richmond. I am looking for the girl next door look in SE and  London area if anyone has any good picks.

Welcome to UKP.  A cracking find, just my type so straight onto my HL.

My advice is to go and see her for a 30 minute punt and report back on here.  Sometimes one just has to TOFTT to get the reporting ball rolling.

Offline yorkshire123

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Offline vorian

Have a read https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=26660.0

The profile you have selected is almost certainly fake and a bait and switch. 'She' has been mentioned many times before on here when the photos resurface on a new profile. If you look at her main photo her placard has been cropped off just above where her original AW id and date were written.

Damn shame, as she is just my type as well.
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Offline realist

thanks for the tips and thread. Damn shame. Will keep looking!

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