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Author Topic: cherry dolls  (Read 1258 times)

This agency seems to have gone - or at least the site is closed down. I couldn't work out if this were a front for diamonds [as they had their EE  girls] or as they indicated that they were helping diamonds with girls. Some good lookers, but as is often the way you never quite know with EE girls.

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I'm positive it's a front for diamonds EE wing of girls
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Update - though the site is down a couple of their girls seem to be freshly updated on AW

I'm positive it's a front for diamonds EE wing of girls

Update - site is back

That was my thought - though they did have a EE girl allegedly running it who apparently was a WG but now pregnant, a Natasha I think.

I must admit I did have some reservations about the whole Diamonds EE thing. The lady who does the phone there always seems more forthcoming [and in effect said i d not book any of the EE girls if I were you, but more important in this context said that they had someone who 'supplied' the EE girls - which worried me a bit].

Not an anti EE thing had some fantastic punts there, including amazing value ones recently in Brno [Cz]. Had a couple of good AW EE girls [and a couple of awful ones]. Panties off, open legs, tanks emptied out the door. Others full GFE, 2, once even 3 goes in half hr [19, and knew every button to press with me :)]

Cherry seems to be AWing Adelle and Julia. I liked the look of Crystal.

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Just dont feed them

And then they will go

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i did a review of crystal- check review section.  fairly good except no owo, no cim and no dfk but everything else is top notch. she is very tight down below too.

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I could be wrong about this but the Natasha you refer to I think is Alexandra
I had a long online chat exchange with her about Sonia, she of the stained sheets saga and wonderful breasts (who now remains a dormant aw account Kinky Rossie).
She told me that Diamonds had helped setting up Cherry Dolls, but she didn't say to what extent.
Perhaps a separate website for EE girls is not such a bad idea anyway?

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