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Author Topic: Sarah of 2 Lisle St (1st floor) in Soho  (Read 558 times)

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Saw Sarah, attractive early 20s brunette on a Monday, not sure what other days she's there though. She said Italian, but of course Romanian. Slim body with some nice shape, a squeezable bum and maybe some evidence of a child on her belly which wasn't washboard flat.

It was a typical Soho quickie, with little eye contact, no lip kissing, too much lube and no top off, but she did show signs of warmth, smiling when I said nice things and looking up with a smile from time to time and she let me kiss her cheek. Nice touch at the end, after I withdrew she stroked the tip of my cock with her index finger and felt the teat of the condom full of spunk, she smiled like she was proud of what she achieved.

Definitely not a GFE, nor as friendly & open as the best there's been in Soho, but £27 to get your rocks off with a compliant young girl who responded with some warmth & enjoyment is great value.

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