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Author Topic: Hi guys I hope this one is not fake, has anyone had the pleasure?  (Read 986 times)

Offline a10

Not had the pleasure and tbh I'm thinking "too good to be true". The likes list is a bit strange and the prices too low to be believable (I'm not advocating a price rise if you're reading this Veronica, just surprised that you're not overcharging like other new girls  :cool:)

To the OP, I'll be more than happy to be proved wrong if you TOFTT though  :drinks:

Offline bm_99

Damn was just in woking yesterday loll

Really too good to be true i think

Offline yorkshire123

Borrowed picture I'm afraid  :(

http://chicksintightdress.tumblr.com/tagged/clevage (5th picture down on the left)
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Offline toba

Thank you, you guys are great.

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