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Author Topic: Any body seen this particular lady.  (Read 581 times)

Offline Old monk

Ok thanks to Yorkshire, I've now got the technology to join in, so has anybody seen this lovely creature, indeed is she as lovely as she seems.

https://www.adultwork.com/147192 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nathalie%2Dlove.

My particular tastes run to bookings for a couple of hours, so the ability to hold a conversation is pretty high on my list. Any info greatly received.

I asked for info on an agency girl earlier in the week and when i have chance I will put up my review, I got no info and being the impatient type took one for the team!!

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Offline vorian

If you do a search on her AW number 147192 you will find a few UKP threads about her including reviews.
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Offline Old monk

Thanks Vorian, you learn something new every day, at least shes not been ripped out of my hot list, as has happened to most of it after reading the reports on here. I thought i was going to end up with a HL of 5, 3 of which ive seen and 1 of those is about to take a much publicised break.

Offline vorian

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Offline endomorph

Does anyone know if Natalie's breasts are natural, or enhanced?
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