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Author Topic: London massage parlour  (Read 16252 times)

Offline Macca 68

Gentlemen, I am a frequent visitor to London on business and always struggle to find a decent massage with optional extras. I either find an over priced sauna type place or a crappy dingy flat somewhere. Neither of which I am comfortable with as I am always on edge and don't really enjoy the experience.

Where would you suggest near Euston - I'm used to £40 per hour + £20 for HE then upwards from there depending what's on offer. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Uncle Buck

Chalton Street, £45 plus £20 HR, £40 B2B
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Offline Uncle Buck

Chalton Street, £45 plus £20 HR, £40 B2B

Thank you. Siam Spa? Nice girls? Good service?


Offline yellowledbetter

Chalton Street, £45 plus £20 HR, £40 B2B

Hi can you tell me a bit more?? Which spa? There's two on Chalton stREET
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