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Author Topic: Khloe of Escorts Newcastle  (Read 976 times)

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Haven't posted here before. Used to post of adventures on the 'other' review site, but decided to keep them to myself for a while. Anyway..Khloe of http://www.escortsnortheast.co.uk/ - my worst punt in about 5 years....

Arrived on time @ 12, but she s not ready. Finally got in around 10 mins late.

Age given as 18, probably a little older but not much. Girl next door look, decent body, no tats.

Like many of us I don t last long first time so checked if twice was Ok. yes yes. ... Bit of kissing then onto the bed, condom on, her on top. At the point I was [literally]  about to enter her she says 'what did you mean about twice'. Well y know, i ll not last long so cum twice.... But it's only half hour.... yes but I did ask. Non committal reply.

Fill that hat and she gets off, walks around. With lots of 'time to go' body language hints - standing round etc. Thought, y'know I ll stay on the bed. Eventually she re joins me. Bit of HR, gets condom, bit of oral then stops - she'd already told me she was so drunk last night she'd  'lost her dress'. Stop oral because she  'feels rough and going to be sick'. At this point I thought 'hmm this could go badly wrong'.

Gets off bed and goes to phone [appt supposed to start at 12, but in at 12 10] 'you ve about 3 mins'. Stands by phone,.... thought I might as well try and finish myself. 12 30 doorbell rings.

I'm out of here....

Spoken to the agency who were very apologetic... but a thorough waste of 60 quid on what would have been more fun if I did it myself. Being charitable the girl ought not to have been working, but to be honest it wasn't a hangover problem, it was an 'I don't give a stuff' attitude problem.

Offline John280

Hate when they start dropping hints to leave when you're obviously not finished.  :dash:

Guess she's one to avoid. Thanks for the heads up.

Offline johnny34

If you are due to leave at 12-30 & doorbell goes at 12-30 for next punter it shows agency doing back to back bookings. Therefore no chance for you to leave unnoticed or for girl to clean herself up for next punt. Hate this. Should be at least some time (15mins) between clients. Going to avoid both her & the agency

I m curious as to the agency - they have been around for a while. They are supposed to be calling me back. If they offer some sort of deal on another appt I'll take the chance [and report back]. If not I d avoid.

What also made me laugh was that the girl asked if I could do a review on their website and told me when she was working next. She said something to the effect of lots of guys say they will leave a review but they never seem to.... well that's because [I suspect] most guys are just too polite to say 'y'know what love, I d be better off with page 3 and a bottle of baby oil'.

Update - agency has been more than  helpful. I am reassured.

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