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Author Topic: Rosie - NaughtyNorthernEscorts  (Read 2847 times)

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Offline John280


Face 8/10
Body 8/10
Attitude 10/10
Location 7/10 - Incall at a nice flat in Hartlepool - Only negative is that entrance is on a busy street.
Agency 10/10
£60 for 30 minutes 

First time using NNE but based on this will definitely use again. After the initial call they texted me the address and asked me to call when I got there for the flat number. I got another text a few minutes before the appointment to tell me Rosie was ready for me. I called NNE for the flat number and she knew who I was straight away and told me to enjoy. Really pleasant on the phone and a positive experience overall. I had been looking to book Rosie for a while but this is the first time my timetable has let me. From her profile she seems to work incalls Tuesdays and Fridays from either Sunderland or Hartlepool.

Rosie answered the door in a nice skintight dress and black heels and looked damn nice. We got the paperwork out of the way and she slowly took her dress off. If you look on her profile you'll see a black and white bra with black suspenders and she was wearing something like that. Her figure is absolutely spot on. 5 foot 2 so really petite, a natural redhead and really slim with it. She started off with some DFK. Not something I've ever done with a working girl but she kind of leant in so I went with it.

I lay down on the bed and she started to slowly suck my cock (without). She did this with no hands and occasionally gave my balls a playful squeeze while she was at it. This continued for about 5 minutes before she asked if I was ready for her to climb on. I opted for a bit more oral as I was really enjoying this and she started slowly deep throating up and down the length of my cock while occasionally looking up and making eye contact. I asked if she was ready for a good seeing to and she gave a big smile and applied the rubber. The first one she tried was too small and wouldn't fit. I'm not gonna brag, my cock isn't big in the slightest but I felt like Lexington Steel when she had to bin it and get a bigger condom. To my dying day I will insist this was magnum size and had 'for black men only' written on the side. I'm not kidding when I say that this made my day and I'm still chuckling about it now.

We moved onto cowgirl and I have to give the girl her due,  she is absolutely fucking fantastic at it. She started slowly gyrating away before picking up the pace and made eye contact for pretty much the whole time. She was going absolutely hell for leather and a few minutes in was riding me so hard I was honestly moving up and down the bed as she did. Her pussy is pretty tight and I'm sure she was making a point of squeezing my cock at the end of her stride. This is by far and away the best cowgirl I've ever had and it wasn't long before I had to change positions. I asked her to hop off and we moved on to Doggy. She has a really nice ass and I wanted to look at it while I rammed my cock home. After a few minutes I knew I didn't have long left in me and decided to go hell for leather. Blew my load with about 5 minutes to spare on the appointment but felt like I'd put in a fucking performance.

We chatted while I got dressed and she was telling me the footy scores, who'd being playing well in the world cup and talked about the USA vs Costa Rica game. She was really good crack and seems to really enjoy what she was doing. After a couple of disappointing punts recently I feel like I've hit the jackpot. I'll be walking round for the next few days with a spring in my step and the biggest stupid grin you've ever seen plastered all over my face.

Offline John280

Before anyone asks I didn't ask about facials or anal.

Thanks, that was a really well written review.

She's way up on my hot list.

Offline John280

Cheers Prof, can't recommend her highly enough.

Offline Bengeo13

Good work John
Rocketed up my list, but Hartlepool!
The devil drives

Awesome thanks.....had eye on this one for a while....she'll have to be my '2nd'...it's long overdue and looks like I'll relive that fantasy of banging Jessica Rabbit :)

Offline Toshiba

Good review, too far for me though

Offline Highlander

Good review and thanks for reminding us what we are missing now she is not working in Newcastle any more!  :angry:

Offline mcb

Still tempted to have a punt with Rosie/Emily when I get back into it. Sunderland’s only a 40-minute ride on the Metro.

Offline pbounty

does anyone know roughly where abouts in sunderland she works from and how discrete it is

Offline nutley

It's over near the port. In a block of apartments but right opposite a row of garages and workshops with gorping blokes everywhere. Also as I left the flat there was a fella on the doorstep of the actual flat! I just scarpered but I heard him talking to Rosie. Possibly a delivery guy or something but it fair unnerved me. Great punt tho!

Offline pbounty

Cheers mate she's gone straight to the top of the list

Offline dino1990

has she quit the business? doesn't seem to be listed on the calendar.

Offline OscarC

has she quit the business? doesn't seem to be listed on the calendar.

Still listed under Escorts.  Probably on holiday, or the calendar hasn't updated yet with her hours.  NNE have/are closed for 5 days until tomorrow.

Offline KLMman

has she quit the business? doesn't seem to be listed on the calendar.

I think she is working next week. She is well worth the trip if you've not visited yet.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (KLMman, stockon jon)

Offline dino1990

I think she is working next week. She is well worth the trip if you've not visited yet.

Thanks, seen her twice before and up there with the best

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