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Author Topic: Paying up front  (Read 2974 times)

Offline Toby

I'm just surprised you think it's unusual, I see it all the time. Seems to be a favourite phrase for pseudo-intellectuals to trot out on internet forums to make themselves look clever (no offence to OP lol).

Yah, I've see it used on internet discussion forums quite a bit. If somebody uses the phrase once they are likely to use it multiple times. It's also linked to people who refuse to use the phrase "straw man", on the basis that it would make them look like a cock.

Offline Daffodil

If the punter pays upfront he has more chance of being scammed, if the punter pays post-punt the prossie has more chance of being scammed.

The status quo is that we pay upfront, and that is unlikely to change, but I am surprised that punters are happy just to defend this.

Offline Daffodil

Interesting,  I've never heard that phrase before, maybe it is a regional thing.

The phrase is not uncommon and I have come across it many times.

Whilst keeping an eye out for trolls is important, I think some are over zealous and shout "troll" at the slightest thing. This does not encourage new, genuine members.

Offline pleasure

I've met a few girls who seemed quite happy to be paid after the action. I'm guessing they were fairly new to the business, or had just been lucky enough never to have been ripped off by an unscrupulous guy. It was kinda nice not to be asked at the start, but I can certainly understand why most girls don't work that way. If only everyone was a bit more trustworthy... but I guess it's to be expected that a field like this will attract its fair share of dodgy people on both sides of the fence.

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