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Author Topic: Jess (Guildford Gems - Camberley)  (Read 1261 times)

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The website offers two girls for £80 and when you ring they confirm that that is the case.  But if it sounds too good to be true, then it is.

When I got there I was told that it was £80 each :(

I eventually agreed to pay £80 for one girl (Jess) which was more than the £50 advertised on the website.  A very uninspiring punt, with little effort put in from Jess.

Definitely won't be going back, there are far better out there.

Offline Tim20

Sounds more like a big fat negative to me  :thumbsdown:
Banning reason: Fluffy white knight admitting to planning to leave positive review for sole reason to cancel recent negative

Offline timelord

been there a few times and had outstanding visits with Scarlett and with Imogen, in contrast Jess was a huge disappointment, her pics on the website have been photoshopped so much she's barely recognisable when you meet her. the prices she demanded were much higher than those advertised and to top it all whilst. she did  seem to be quite good at dirty talk during the introductory massage when it got down to it the sex was far from enthusiastic. I would try the establishment again if either of the girls I've had fun with before were working but certainly wouldn't visit Jess again

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