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Author Topic: CARLA FULL PLEASURE (Edinburgh Romanian views?)  (Read 1274 times)

Offline SamScott


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I know she's Romanian! However look at her fuck!! Looks and body she's a 10/10.

Anyone seen her?

I'm thinking £60 to cum in a tight young bitch as a good deal but unless she's totally shit!

Let me know boys

2 review(s) found for Nympho Patricia linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline johnny34

Check out her feedback...possibly fake & does'nt enjoy it????


she was my first ever punt....and i'll be honest she almost put me off forever.
i was naive, nervous and just unsure...
i paid £60 for 30 min...she had me in and out in 15.....looking at her watch saying 'times up' and pushing me out the door..

she is hot as fuck.   like really hot....hotter in person than in pics...  but she does not want to be there and it's obvious.
she's not into it... bj was about 1-2 min..  she rode me, then lay down, then doggie, then lay down again...
all and all each position was about 2-3 min before she was like 'change'   she got back on top of me again, rode for a min, which felt awesome...she's tiny.....everywhere!   but then got off and started jerking me off while watching her watch...
no fun.
save your cash..
unless you go for a 15 and completely destroy her...  then it would be worth it.  'cause she's smokin hot,

Offline Whore_Monger

Had a quickie with her, puts her knees up to stop you going to deep. Agree with all above...
Banning reason: Making threats of violence

Offline Johny Stone

This should be saved here just in case Sergei will hide the feedback:

Type    Member    Date    Role
Only    Jockforfun (7)    27/05/2014 14:17    Seeking Services
     unfortunately no reply to booking. sad, lovely looking girl
Only    Sensual88 (1)    28/04/2014 19:36    Seeking Services
     Petite perfection. A delight, not to be missed.
Only    Nice&Kinky (3)    16/04/2014 18:29    Seeking Services
     Not recommended! Stunning girl as in the pics but doesn't enjoy getting fucked by a stranger which tells me that she is either pimped or just a shit hooker!!!!!
Only    macmin (1)    13/04/2014 10:30    Seeking Services
     read booking then nothing apart from move to different city. baby you are a fucking fake
Only    tophatman (1)    15/02/2014 14:35    Seeking Services
     booking 10/10, Carla 10/10, sex 10/10 that amazing ass coming out of those jeans - out of this world 10/10. sex does not get better than this. xx
Only    tophatman (1)    02/01/2014 11:00    Seeking Services
     travelled to Edinburgh and when called for flat number no answer to phone. fake fucking bitch
Only    vindi (3)    01/01/2014 23:40    Seeking Services
     She is very beautiful ..... one of the most beautiful girl I have met AW. Had a great time with her. Thanks
Positive    dingers928 (4)    21/10/2013 06:26    Seeking Services
     What a little stunner much better than photos and well worth a visit
Positive    budge552 (10)    22/07/2013 21:44    Seeking Services
     abolutely gorgeous. Great time thxs

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