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Author Topic: Vixen/keeley Adultwork  (Read 1561 times)

Offline DirtyG

Was speaking to her via text and was going to visit her in Beamish.
 Anyway I get the address and am given the postcode DH9 0QL. I check out street view and realise it's the same street as a punt I had about a year ago with the worst escort I've ever met:

So has anyone seen Vixen/Keeley? I'm guessing the same street as the above prossie means its the same house. I am a little warey of seeing her purely due to the house. Is this a common escort place?

Offline tinytim

I don't know the girl, but do know the place. It's a room for hire kind of place. Loads of girls use it.

Offline DirtyG

I don't know the girl, but do know the place. It's a room for hire kind of place. Loads of girls use it.
Cheers for that. Have the girls you've seen there been ok?

Online jarrovian

Saw an indian girl there, not a great looked but pleasant enough and had a decent session with her. The other girl,melody, was a good looking black girl, and have got to say that although she was a bit over the top I had a great time with. Unfortunately she lives in Manchester and hasn't been able to book the house for a while, as its so popular with other girls

Keeley is amazing, Ive seen her a few times, very pretty & will probably do whatever you like, look after her tho coz she's a good'un

I think the house is a common escort place & could well be full of bad escorts but Keeley is great, Ive seen her twice. Go visit her, if you like your blowjobs you wont regret it. Ive seen loads of WGs & she & DirtyDionne are my favourites.

First booking was about 2 years ago in her friends quayside apartment, she was absolutely stunning, very very pretty & well dressed but small tits (size b maybe) they're nice boobs tho, her friend was in the living room & we went to the bedroom anyway she let me facefuck her on the bed & also against the wall, very good at deep throat & really enjoys it, she swallowed every drop.

Second time was about 4 months ago in this new house in no place (she does also work from killingworth), again same thing, still as beautiful, I lay on the bed & she gave me a blowjob, deepthroat, she loved every minute & swallowed.
**My cock usually tingles for about 24 hours after Keeley**.
I doubt I will ever find anybody who gives a better blowjob tbh   :dance: :drinks: :thumbsup:

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