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Author Topic: C&S Tori  (Read 1217 times)

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Offline KLMman


Well first review for me and in all honesty first girl in the North-east since I only moved to North Yorks recently. I chose her because of the reviews on here. Well done lads in recommending her.

Location - A reasonable chain of Hotels close to the centre of Newcastle. Easy parking.
Communications before - Very easy. I simply texted the number a day before as I had a meeting in Newcastle and then confirming the morning and getting the room number. Perfect.

Tori is just like the pictures, although I would say prettier in the flesh. Beautiful pale soft skin. No strechmarks or spots.  She is nicely spoken I had to ask her where she was from as I couldn't quite work it out. I wouldn't consider her a southern, though she is certainly from south of Newcastle. Anyway no horrid Estuary English accent! Or chavish as some have wondered.
Once the paperwork was done we went straight into it. DFK touching the lot. After undressing and putting the C on it was cowgirl then doggy. I chanced my arm at 'A' not normally my bag, but after the comments before I thought what the hell. She was up for it. I'm no Peter North, but we needed to do a bit of stretching first to ease it in. But no your too big. Simply your a bit big do you want to help me out her. After easing into it she was happy to be ridden good and hard. Then OWO finishing off with Doggy.

We had a good old chat afterwards. I had booked an hour appointment. I'm sure she would have been up for round two, but I'm not as young as I used to be.

Overall I was £120 lighter, but considered that it was good value and money well spent.

She mentioned that she may get a flat in Newcastle to work from and seems committed to continue to work in the area. That said I'd advise you to get booking and look after her. She is reasonably new to the industry and it would be a shame if some Jerk would spoil it for the rest of us.
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3 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline dino1990

had a good punt with Tori yesterday. Good communication to set it up and good location with easy parking. Very horny time with lots of face fucking and sub play. Will return.

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