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Author Topic: Bali  (Read 1041 times)

Offline Jvosta

Heading to Kuta Bali soon! :cool: Anyone have recommendations? particularly for Aussie girls as I know its a popular holiday destination for Australians.

Also is there an Asian equivalent for AW?

cheers guys

Offline Jerboa

I was In Bali In 2012, yes there are lots of Aussies, pulling a Aussie girl Is down to what you're like, can you pull back home? If so you shouldn't have a problem, the p4p is available there too, there are massage joints with fish bowels, I never got to play away, as I went native with a Indo girl for 10 days, driving her car around the Island, sleeping in a sweaty 10'-10' room and using a squat toilet.  :)

Take a look at the ISG forum for some good info, when you arrive be sure to have a few $US for the Visa.

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