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Author Topic: Basel, Switzerland  (Read 1077 times)

Hi all, an occasional punter here, 1st time poster so please forgive any faux pas that may follow.

Thought I'd recommend a little place I found in Basel on a recent trip over.

Searched online for some punting fun on the Friday night, and this place FKK-Basel kept on coming up advertised as a Sauna club, and prices seemed reasonable for what was offered.

Found the place on foot thanks to my mobile gps, and surprised to find it hidden in the back of a residential area, however very discrete sign outside and entrance through to a discrete block behind the apartment buildings. Once admitted through the buzzer, receptionist explained that is was Chf 70 (£45) for entry and three free drinks (although they had a World Cup promotion on that weekend and all the drinks were free - lucky me!) .  Was given a locker key, a towel and a pair of flip-flops and shown to the locker areas by one of the girls. On the way I noticed a large hot tub occupied by a couple, also some of the girls were coming out of the communal shower, all naked. I changed and was guided upstairs to the bar, which was occupied by around 15 guys and 10 girls. It was the night of the Holland vs Spain match, and there was a huge wide screen showing the match. Obviously, despite the number of gorgeous girls around, the guys were transfixed on the game, so I took the chance to get my bearings.

It's got a comfortable lounge feel to it, the girls were either walking about, or sitting on the leather sofa's, dressed in sexy faux World Cup kits ( No England tho lol), all looking between 18-28. They ranged from tall blonde Germanic / EE types, to darker French/Latino types. All cute and fit , no munters at all ! Some had paired off with guys near the back, others on their own waiting. The other clients there all seemed to know each other suggesting they were regulars ( all the guys - aged from 30's to 50's - were wearing towels and naked beneath, remember this is FKK - Frei Korper Kultur - based.)

After a couple of beers, one of the girls had been making eyes in my direction (obvs looking for a punter), so I went and sat down with her, explained in my pidgin German that i'm new and asked what the score was. Ramona explained that it was Chf 70 for 30 mins with any of the girls, hot tub or sauna was extra Chf 50 , Chf 10 surcharge for a room and pretty much anything goes... obvs no BB though. This seemed reasonable to me, and on her suggestion we retired to the porno cinema in the side room to 'think about it'. We spent 10 mins getting acquainted before I suggested we get a room. Downstairs at reception there was a delay in finding an empty room as we waited 20 mins. However Ramona reassured me that this wouldn't mean i'd have less time in the room with her. As she was sat on my knee in the reception area, it give me a little more time to explore her body with my hands which she was quite happy with. Next to us on the other sofa also waiting, was another WG (with client) completely naked and playing in full view.

Ramona herself was gorgeous, early 20's,  tall slim leggy Hungarian , blonde , tattoo'd, decent English, beautiful face and body, intelligent ,welcoming and warm personality. I made a great choice even if i say so myself !

Eventually we got a room, and pretty much got straight down to it. She was very happy to be played with , no fingering though (fair enough) and expertly applied a condom orally on me. Only problem was, I'm a big lad downstairs and the condom she gave me was really tight, she was nervous it coming off as was I. We went through a few positions during the hour, before I decided I wanted a hand job without the condom to finish off with. She happily got on top in a 69 so i could lick her out and spank her arse as she finished me off.... And what a finish! She had great technique with both her hands and ended up spraying my mess all over the place including her face. Cleaned up in the room, before she led me down to the showers, where she washed my body and allowed me another feel and grope as I did the same to her.  She then brought me to the lockers, where my wallet was and paid her the agree'd fee for the hour. (This was all naked still by the way , along with the other clients and WG's in the locker room). She had to do her hair , make up etc, so I returned to the bar.

By now, it was Aus vs Chile on the Tv and the guys had thinned out. Some were still there from earlier and treated the place more like a social club than a brothel. I decided I was going to get my moneys worth on the beers and prob stayed for an hour. It seemed perfectly acceptable for the girls to be touched by the guys as they walked around and no one seemed put out by this. It was great just to relax and perv on the girls. At one point, this gorgeous Latina came up naked to another girl and started licking her out in front of everyone for about a minute, before taking her hand and bringing her to a room, obviously at the request of her client. Everyone got a free 60 second perve out of it !

After a few beers and a nice chat again with Ramona (who did try and get another 30 mins out of me , bless her !), I decided to head off.  I could have stayed longer and carried on getting the beers in as there was no pressure to leave once I'd finished.

The only negative thing was the receptionist attitude at the end, when the locker key was returned. She had given it to me covered with white-tac , but then claimed that I had put this on. I thought there was a some kind of last minute scam coming here, so I assertively refused to accept this and asked where the door was. She let me out.

All in i paid Chf 220 (£145) for about 3 hours in this club , this included 1 private hour with the gorgeous Ramona plus an extra free 30 mins in her company at the start, while waiting for a room, and in the shower together.

I have read posts on Swiss Punting, and agree that prices for escorts are very very high , especially in places like Geneva. But I thought i got really good value ( i know the extra time wasn't the norm) and Ramona was really professional.

So if you don't mind a bit of FKK , in a social atmosphere and comfortable with full/partial nudity with the WG's and clients, I'd recommend it and will be going back again next time i'm there.

Enjoy  :D

P.s. apologies for the lengthy post lol

Offline shagbambi

Appreciate the review.  Have you tried any other FKK's in Switzerland?

You're welcome.

No that was the first time I'd been to an FKK anywhere.

Offline Jerboa

Nice report, obviously similar concept to Germany, Ramona looks nice from the photo on the site, also I notice Tera Bond the Hungarian pornstar in the gallery, I wondered were she'd got to, she used to escort for Zuzana.com a few years ago, touring around Europe, I wonder If the OP spotted her at the club?  :)


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