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Author Topic: Why are address confirmations only done so- 10 minutes before the Punt?  (Read 8335 times)

Offline ParisB

 totally understand where  your coming from  and i know its frustrating to get somewhere and not be able to get through -   i dont blame you for not wanting the address upfront
    myself im happy to take booking by text ifs its someone i have met before  they know where i am i get them to confirm on the day and then call  me on the phone when they are outside before they buzz up  - this is becasue i work from a block of flats and you do get people sometime just trying to buzz in  to get into the building so i like to know who im buzzing the main door open to  and that its my client and not the postman  :lol:
but  i still think that the women who do give the address up front to every one that makes a bookign need there heads examined  its just stupid and dangerous in my opinion     

Put it this way Paris given your reputation it wouldnt put me off punting with you, in your case it wouldnt be here nor there in importance to me but thats because of hearing about you on punting sites many times and knowing you dont send punters on these wild goose chases. In percentage terms its not high that this happens but enough to me to want to actively avoid the risk.

I never leave mine without confirming with the WG however many times i have punted with her, this gives me peace of mind but unlike with a newbie to me where i require a phone conversation with a regular i will punt by text if it suits her better from the second punt onwards. I NEVER knock on her door before the agreed time but have rang or texted and found on ocassion the punter before me didnt turn up so the lady has given me the option of coming straight away which i will normally take up.

To me its about common courtesy, i always go into a punt with it and expect it back. Most WGs do give it back but those bad ones that dont should be slammed and condemned by all in my opinion. :( ;)

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