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Author Topic: Mia Wallace - Lincoln  (Read 1934 times)

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Offline j122

https://www.adultwork.com/2379047 or https://www.adultwork.com/Mia+Wallace

2 for 2 since joining the punting scene.  :)

Mia came to my out call at a Notts hotel today, took a chance as there was nothing about her on here and the pics are pretty small on her profile.

Once the booking is made she likes to do a quick call to break the ice & find out what you'd like her to wear etc. She's a nicely spoken lady.

Anyway on to the meet, had a call that'd Mia got a bit lost on the one way system in the city centre, I'm no better at navigating through it so offered to meet her at the car park and walk her to the hotel. Was greeted near the car park by an attractive young lady dressed casually and proceeded to walk to the hotel with a bit of casual chit chat. She's the type you'd happily be seen walking down the street with.

Once in the room and paperwork out of the way she emerged from the bathroom in a nice little black number began with a bit of kissing then on to RO. Went on to OWO sheathed up and finished me off in cow girl whilst sucking her nipples. Bit more kissing and then whipped out the pussy pump which she'd agreed to try, had a bit of a play with that and then RO/fingering on her now swollen sensitive pussy which she responded well to. Attempted to slide in to her in doggy but the little fella had other ideas, so she whipped the rubber off giving great OWO and CIM continuing until she had swallowed every last drop. Finished off with a bit more fooling around including anal play on her, ass is that tight that it only just takes a finger.

All in all a great punt, good GFE with plenty of kissing and stroking in between rounds and Mia's easy to talk to. I'd return.     


1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Jackjones

Good to hear all went well with her pal!  :dance:

What's she like physically as its really hard to tell from her photo's if she's a size 8 or 18, let alone anything else.

Offline j122

Thanks JJ
I'm not entirely how dress sizes work. maybe a 12,  she's deffo not a BBW.
Is feedback as super cute a good thing for a guy?

Offline Jackjones

That's good to hear, wasn't sure if the samll photo's were down to her wanting to hide the fact of just how big she was! Looks like i'll have to add her to my HL. As for her feedback about you its fine, the typical stuff WG's say don't think anything of it as long as its positive its all good mate.

Offline j122

 :hi: lol yeah I wasn't too worried, I usually get called lovely in the civi world & I've never liked that.

Offline chris2010

I've seen Mia twice (around March-April of this year) and was really pleased both times. Her OWO was great and really enthusiastic and she always seemed to be trying to provide a great experience and make you feel special.

Offline j122

Her profile's no longer active, but her names now showing as 'Dave the rave 145677' on my feedback so now it makes it look like I shagged a dude! :scare:

Her profile's no longer active, but her names now showing as 'Dave the rave 145677' on my feedback so now it makes it look like I shagged a dude! :scare:

Even worse - maybe he shagged you.   :vomit:

You know that denial is not a river in Egypt don't you??  :timeout:

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