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Author Topic: Spy hole on punters watching service  (Read 1563 times)

Offline vision2014

Just spent weekend in London went to this parlour where I was given the option of watching a girl in action  so paid £15 put in this room where there was a hole in the wall I could watch a working girl with a punter shagging away Apperently its a voyeur room where punters like to use the room if they someone is going to watch them shgging the girl anybody know any parlours places around west mids who do this

Offline dilettante

so a bit more than just your basic eats shoots and leaves then

Offline aerofan5

A couple of years ago a brothel opened in an industrial park in Kent. It was closed within a year or so because it was owned by known criminals and was being staffed by girls from their nightclub who were being paid with drugs.

When it was cleared out by the estate agents they found covert video equipment which had been used to film the punters in action.

Scary to think of seeing yourself on XHamster!!

whats the name of the parlour. sounds interesting.

Offline aerofan5

Don't know of any name for it, but the guy who owned it had second hand car businesses as well as the nightclub. Probably used the cars to launder the drug proceeds.

The local residents ended up being 'vigilantes' due to the drug scene and one night they painted all the cars on his car lot. He disappeared after that and the nightclub closed down.

Kind of puts me off parlours, frankly!

Offline vision2014

Video equipment could be used in a independent house and proberly used more has they have to protect them selves so you must think next time your fucking the women on the bed and you see a teddy bear sat on a chair in the corner (is there a camera in there and her bloke sat downstairs watching in the kitchen while eating his tea ) Maplin sell some very small closed wireless security cameras
Got you thinking now
I work for a building company which we had a contract with council 4 years ago we had to fix a roof on housing group house she was a well know pro and her bedroom ceiling had to come down of course we had to take her lap dancing pole down lol which amused us  but the most scary thing we found her one wall was all glass in the next room you could see straight through the glass and see straight into the room so all them punters she had did not know someone was sat in the other room watching

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