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Author Topic: sam 36gg  (Read 886 times)

hey just wondering if anyone has seen sam - big busty redhead who worked by the waterfront?

shes not on purple site and wasn't sure if still working

Offline David1970

Seen Sam 2 times about 8 years ago she was a dirty MILF into any thing a bit heavy but a good shag. Went back about 2 years ago, just a lump of lard total turn off, no A or CIM save your money

Offline Loki

was this the WG that had pictures dressed as a cop when she was on AW??

if so, I've seen her about a year or 2 ago as well.... and it was all a bit of a nightmare... she tried to stick a dildo up my back passage without so much as a discussion about it... cheeky monkey! lol

I also seem to remember another girl in the flat that 'was having problems' so she kept nipping out to talk to her...

she did give a decent enough BJ mind you..finished with CIM.

if not the same WG, then ignore! lol

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