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Author Topic: WG in Cleveland Street, Central London  (Read 571 times)

This is going back a few years but does anyone remember a WG who used to operate out of a property on Cleveland Street in Central London, more the Euston Road end.  Just next door to a pub (forget the name).  Blonde lady, 30s (ish) and had a tattoo saying 'Doe' on her inner thigh.  Anyone remember her?  Had a great time, wondered where she was these days and if she was still knocking around.

There was another in a flat above a café called Lindys on Tottenham Court Road.  Again, blonde but younger than the above.  Anyone know if she's still doing the rounds?

Offline Petronius

I think the pub might be the Northumberland Arms - on the corner of Tottenham Court Road and Grafton Way. There used to be quite a number of flats in that little area of streets. I think there are still a few there, albeit not in the numbers that they were ten years ago and before.

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