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Author Topic: sweet annx Wolverhampton  (Read 1344 times)

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Not having a good time just lately...

Thought I'd try a Polish girl Sweet Annax. She was showing all my required services on her profile, so I gave it a go.
I rang her the day before & said I would see her for an hour....OK she said & promptly gave me her address.
When I arrived she seemed startled that I wanted an hour & said she hadn't got time cos she had to go to the hairdressers. I reminded her of our conversation but got a blank stare as her response. She wasn't particularily attractive but boy oh boy does she have a body, so I went for the 30minutes.
I like a good GFE so I started to hold her close...it was then she said 'she didnt do' kissing of any sort (of course it was on her profile)
I transferred my lips to her tits, only to be told me she didn't like her nipples sucked !
Then she tried immediately to give me covered oral ! After a few minutes arguing she relented & I got some decent OWO from her.
Then said she didn't allow reverse oral & no way was that gonna happen she said !
I pointed out that all the things she'd refused me were on her 'list' & they were the reason I'd booked her, but to no avail, she was having none of it.
I was prepared to pay £20 extra for Anal (also on her profile) but I anticipated that would off limits too, so didn't bother asking.
By then all I wanted was to get it over with so, on with the mac, a quick cowgirl & finally some hard doggie saw me relieve myself.

All this aside, I must admit she had the most sexiest fabulous bum I've come across for a long long time...pity the service wasn't as good
I should also point out that I speak a little Polish & I spoke to her a few times in Polish but not once did she reply. I realised she hadn't got a clue what I was saying.... I'm pretty sure she's Romanian.

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1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline billyjo

She's a verified member and her Nationality is shown as Polish, so I'd imagine she is in fact Polish but maybe didn't understand your accent?
She's not my type from the photos, but even if she was I wouldn't book her after that review.

Offline curry

She's a verified member and her Nationality is shown as Polish, so I'd imagine she is in fact Polish

What they do and have been doing for a while is get one profile verified then change the pics. AW are fully aware this is happeing but like most things chose to ignore it when it suits them.

There are two main groups of poles operating out of Wolves one is the Bath row spin off they work from Albion Street, they were good but now to much B&S.

The other is a group that operates off the Penn Road again in some nice apartments. They have been ok so far to date. I have seen 3 girls there.

With both groups you never know who is going to be there as most girls seem to cycle every three weeks or so.

Offline dilettante

One of those Gallery pics is in Busty Anita's PG! (which I have already pointed out isn't of her, probably a previous profile user)

Offline curry

Now she is a totally diff girl with diff pics again.

These poles are as bad as the romanians

Pretty sure she wasn't Polish...I speak some Polish & not once did she make any reply or sign that she understood...definitely Romanian

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