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Author Topic: Saucylexi of Bedfordshire  (Read 2576 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/1297108 or https://www.adultwork.com/saucylexi
Saucylexi £110, 1 hour.

Contact made by email and we soon agreed a time for an incall. I sent her my phone number and she texted me her postcode. I confirmed on the day and called on arrival and there I was right outside her door in a small modern housing estate in a Bedfordshire village not far from the M1. House is a modern unremarkable semi. Clean and tidy. Dogs locked into a ground floor room, I promised that I would not bite them. I had previously requested no smoke or perfume and that was OK, Lexi also wore no make-up having kindly checked my preference. 

She greeted me wearing a silky opaque blouse and a bra, and a short skirt all in dark colours, which nicely set off her short blonde hair and lively smile. Handed over the photos of the Queen, popped out for a quick pee – the bathroom was clean – and went back in to undress. 

Snog snog snog and helped Lexi undress, tucked mister happy into the folds of her flesh. She had terrifically handsome legs as I noted following her up the stairs, not as plump like the rest of her but firm and well shaped and quite a turn-on. Her bum as in the photo was succulent and firm. Her torso to me felt very sensual and she enjoyed mister happy and or my hand stroking it but the best description is Michelin Woman but only there at the front. Her breasts were shapely, very large indeed and with large nipples. She adored having them sucked, see later on.

So we lay there and snogged, she played with her new toy – mister happy – and I stuck two or 3 fingers into my new toy, which was very very wet, in and out they went. She appreciated it. She stroked my ears - nice. Once I was relaxed I asked her to rise up and she sat on my face, her face to the wall, and my mouth entered the cavern between her thighs, while she struggled to raise her bellies from suffocating me. It was a very sensuous experience for both of us. She shuddered and moaned and twitched and jerked and asked for more until I needed to breathe fresh air.

More snog snog snog and then she sucked her lollipop. Then 69 with her on top and she did not succed to suffocate me while I was inside her dripping cavern. Then somehow I was next to her sucking her nipples and she clutched my head to her breasts and would not let go – a nice feeling. Mister happy rubbed up and down her lower lips which were very wet and struggled to enter her as she was so slippy slidy and her belly was a little in the way but it was all blissful, I thought with my mouth full. She kept saying to suck and not stop and that it felt good. In he went and gyrated and danced and slithered. She carried on rubbing her own clitoris after I had come, and pressing my head to her nipple until she came. It was a very unusual scenario, incredibly arousing in every way.

She handed me a couple of wipes and we lay contentedly and chatted for a while until I left. We had filled the hour. Only her regular day of of open legs and my regular day of fun and games not being the same weekday would lead to keep me from a repeat visit in the near future. 

I know that the word courtesan is in her profile but I consider her very intelligent, very emotionally mature and sensitive and very good at her work with no false pretensions. We discussed her past and current day jobs and a few other things. I hope we can coincide again soon.
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1 review(s) found for saucylexi linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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I laughed at the photo in her gallery entitled "my pussy black cock", as I thought it was going to be a pic of a diseased black cock! :sarcastic:

Also, you obviously had BB, her Q&A reads:
Q. Do you do 'bareback'?    A. I do not offer this service, my health is important to me and I hope you value your health too. Please don't ask me or offer me more money as it will not happen.

So just a heads up for anyone looking for/not looking for this service with saucylexi  :hi:

So just a heads up for anyone looking for/not looking for this service with saucylexi  :hi:

Exactly now punters know exactly what kind of services she offers.

Though while its HP's choice I do worry that sooner or later his reluctance to use an umbrella will result in him catching a bit of Acid Rain. But HP is happy with the risk.

Thank you for your interest. I had a great time. Neither a raincoat nor an umbrella were used, and not even discussed. Everything happened naturally and with no stress, quite the opposite; it was a relaxed sensual interlewd.


Thank you for your comment. I am still waiting to read a review of your exploits. Until then please vomit somewhere else.

Offline finn5555

Thank you for your comment. I am still waiting to read a review of your exploits. Until then please vomit somewhere else.

 :sarcastic: :sarcastic:

Offline The happy one

Thank you for your comment. I am still waiting to read a review of your exploits. Until then please vomit somewhere else.

Very well said sir

And I will concur

 :drinks: :drinks: :drinks:
Banning reason: Suspected pimp involved in organizing parties

I made a return visit; variations on a theme, the same high standards but different choreography. I had a great time as usual and I think Lexi enjoyed herself also.

Reverse cowgirl gave me a terrific view of her outsize rear quarters at the climax.

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