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Author Topic: Lisa 32FF  (Read 6849 times)

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Online 1_2_3_4

Saw Lisa in a motel about 15 mins walk from Hounslow West tube back on the 22nd May. I'd met her once before and couldn't wait to meet her again when she was in the London area. Looks wise I realise she is not to everyone's taste but if you check out her gallery pics she is exactly as she appears. If she's not your cup of tea fair enough but if she is you are in for a great time.

On this occasion I requested a sexy French Maid role play and Lisa was again more than happy for me to film our exploits. On arrival I was offered a quick shower (not included in my time) before setting about our business.

The role play began with me lying on my hotel bed naked playing with my rock hard cock when all of a sudden maid Lisa bursts into the room without knocking. At first embarrassed and apologetic Lisa starts to become curious about what I am holding in my hand and starts to get turned on by it.

She starts playing with herself and telling me stories about other men she has caught in similar situations and what she had done to them. I ask her to show me what she has done in the past and she bends down in front of me and clamps her mouth around my cock and starts taking it as deep as she can. I tell her to move lower and she starts flicking her tongue around my bollocks before going even lower and gently tonguing my hole.

I know this can't carry on for much longer so I instruct her onto her knees on the floor at the end of the bed. She continues to gently caress my balls with her tongue while I stroke my shaft more and more vigorously. Eventually I explode all over her face and she takes it all willingly before using her fingers to deposit every last drop into her mouth which she then dutifully swallows. WOW. What an experience and one that I will always have the video to remind me of!

We're not done yet though, this is just round one! After a relaxing chat on the bed and some nice gentle kissing Lisa insists that I lay face down on the bed and point my arse up in the air. She then sets about plunging her tongue deep into my asshole and gently massaging my perineum. As I've mentioned in my previous review Lisa's rimming is like nothing I've received before and probably the reason I was so eager to meet her again. After some time of just laying on my front enjoying Lisa's tongue working my behind I eventually flip over and Lisa takes my cock in her mouth until I blow my load for a second time and again she gladly gobbles the lot.

All done. A nice un rushed shower and I am out the door.

A totally un-rushed hour = an extremely gvfm £150. Her maid even gives me a quick lift back to the station as it's pissing down. There's absolutely nothing this lady won't do to please her client.

 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks for the review - I am in 2 minds still if to see her? - she has been on my HL since last year and when I look at her profile she looks good and when I go back again a few weeks later as she does tours in my area she looks different and below par in the looks department.

I know its weird and she should look the same but when we have different moods it make our judgement slightly clouded when picking our next punt.

However its good that she is on top form and still looks like a dirty slutty punt

Online 1_2_3_4

Crumbs! In my enthusiasm to share I forgot a link. Before anyone complains.


P.S. She told me she has plans to retire this year so get some while you can!

10 review(s) found for lisa32ff linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline GreyDave

Good reveiw , I`ve shagged Lisa a good few times in the past when she was working from a palour called Kisses , it had mirrors on the wall and I still knock one out thinking ofit  :D :D .She`s a bit of an eastend gangsters moll in a nice way and totally up for any thing  ;)  I recon she was also one of the tighist fannys the little fellas been in she has a great way of squeasing your cock with her fanny :crazy: I took snaps POV and enjoyed those heavy tities.
A Full English Fuck (like the breakfast :D :D)

Offline GreyDave

 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Just had to say ;  she likes to enjoy her self to I remember her bring her self off a few times with cock crushing effect :scare: :scare: on the HL with 100mg silagra , fer me :D :D

saw Lisa when she was at Dartford earlier this month - got the full works from her - rimming- OWO - roleplay - Anal play - toys - various positions - pics  all for £150  :D

Offline Hydrant

when I look at her profile she looks good and when I go back again a few weeks later as she does tours in my area she looks different and below par in the looks department.

She looks much, much better in the older pics. That "Croydon facelift" ponytail does her no favours. I know quality of service and enthusiasm count more than looks so she's a good thing on the whole. But to me she looks more butch than any of the trannie hookers I see.
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Offline Jerboa

I saw her years ago when she used to work in the parlours in Slough and Watford. You don't go and see Lisa because of her looks, but filthy service, she don't seem to offer anal now, it use to be one of her fortes.

Offline GreyDave

Jeroba :hi:

I betcha like me you where lookin at that chap doing her in those full wall mirrors, she was great at the Sapphires Parlour
note to others although its been said she is better lookin than those snaps and a great full on PSE :thumbsup:
She showed me her trick of griping the rabbit vib which turned in the center and stopping it with that fanny :cool:

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