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Author Topic: Has anyone ventured out to see Lina of Diamonds?  (Read 1067 times)

Offline Philbiao1

I used to use Diamonds a lot but not since they started going down hill, I think the last was Charlotte/Grace. I've been tempted back a few times but never more so than when this girl appeared.


Has anyone had the pleasure yet? There's a glowing review on her profile but I usually take these with a pinch of salt.

Thanks all.

Offline Mike Hunt

No but you could tweet borat see if he's banged her
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Looks too good to be true,  if not i will be booking asap,  need to watch the reviews very closely . looking closely at those photos the head seems a little blurred around the edges, photoshop maybes ???

Done a quick search on Tin Eye but no results so at least thats encouraging to a point
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Offline Philbiao1

Hmm. Looks like one to file under "Too good to be true".


cheers carl s., think that one will be put on the no go list unless somebody   puts up a good review . :dash:

Bloody hell £100 incall rate can't be bad unless there are lots of unseen extras?  Must get up North more often..

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