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Author Topic: Talulah...South Ayrshire  (Read 1616 times)

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This is a punt I had a few weeks back, I thought I would write up my first review although not my first punt with a WG....I called her at lunchtime to arrange a booking for 7.30...asked if she would dress up for me which she said was no problem and if I could have a shower as I was coming straight from work,  due to traffic I was running a few minutes late and out of courtesy I called her to let her know...I arrived in her street at 7.32 and text for the house number...wait 5 mins was the reply...7.40 I get my text to come ahead..on opening the door she was dressed in a sweatshirt and leggings...ok, I thought she probably get changed while I'm in the shower....got washed and was called through to another room where the paperwork was settled and I lay up on the massage bed...she then informs me that due to being late and having a shower I only had enough time for a massage and and hand relief...she could tell I was not happy as if I wanted a wank I could have stayed home and watched a blue movie and kept 60 quid in my pocket....furthermore she was still in the sweatshirt and leggings...I asked her to strip at least but she just pulled her top up and said I could fondle her tits for a while.....left most unhappy from a shitty punt and will never return.......a friend of mine who had also been to see the same lady said he had a similar experience but at least got a BJ out of the deal..

Yup!!, i feel your pain. Didnt even get to see a bed, if there was one, only the massage bed.

Offline chico1000

Talulah all the way to bank. What a bitch. Out of interest what nationality?
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thanks for the review,  thats one girl scored off my list then

CHico, she's scottish, has moved and now lives local as well which isn't ideal.

Offline chico1000

CHico, she's scottish, has moved and now lives local as well which isn't ideal.
Thanks she must have a Romanian boyfriend then!!
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Offline auldie63

There are some real bow wows among the WGs in Ayrshire, I thought Paisley was bad but you guys have my sympathy.
Stayed down that way years ago and the SWDS club on a Thursday night in the Ayr Station Hotel was amazing. Hoaching with it that was begging for it. Even ugly bastards like me got pulled, ah happy days.

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