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Offline beachtest

any reviews? I don't think many are wiling for a massive £140 an hour with 2 of the same pictures.. Thanks all

Offline char45

I saw her a few times at the beginning of last year, she bid on a reverse booking of mine. She's pretty, very slim and willing, GFE only. I wouldn't pay 140 but then I wouldn't pay that in general


Someone gave her thumbs up when discussing athletic body on ukp.
She has RB'd but responses were so delayed, I didn't pursue. She seems very confident about walking if op doesn't like her looks.

charly, whereabouts does she live? ta

Offline char45

When I saw her she did our call in north London, she's moved since and started doing incall, I've not seen her at the new place

cant find her on aw searches..got a link by any chance?

Offline beachtest

2 pictures that haven't been changed for years and £140 a pop?

Shame about that as its enticing but not enough to book. If only she made an effort to upload more pictures. Even in a private gallery to make some money

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