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Author Topic: Recommendations in the Bristol-ish area  (Read 675 times)

Offline Dante

I've been doing the usual AW searches and seem to keep turning up the same women. I wonder if there's anyone I've missed through my choice of search criteria.

What I'm after: British (ie English, Scottish, Welsh), late 20s to late 30s (30s is better), size 10-12 (not fat, but not skinny) and the important one, a full, round arse. Not a flat/small one, but one that fills your hand when you grab it. I'm indifferent to breasts; smaller is probably better, natural preferred to enhanced, but as long as the latter isn't comically big, I don't mind. Not fussed whether blonde, brunette or redhead. Bonus marks if they can hold a conversation, but not essential. GFE, not interested in anal. Within about 20 miles of Bristol or so.

I'm aware of Lacy: https://www.adultwork.com/1131506 Who's a pretty good example of what I mean (even if she has enhanced boobs).

Is there anyone else I should be thinking of?

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Offline ATMIV

I've not seen this girl yet but she has some good feedback on here.

I booked to see her but had to cancel when I got stuck in roadworks on the M5 and she was very understanding and she remains on my hotlist.

 https://www.adultwork.com/1526033 or https://www.adultwork.com/EnglishRebecca121

In her public gallery she has a couple of pictures showing her arse which I think looks cracking!
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Offline aardvark


I saw sexy_lacy in WSM a couple of weeks ago.  Nice girl, didn't kiss much, but an enjoyable time.

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