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Author Topic: WTF?  (Read 2325 times)

Offline portable

More like Goddess of Delusion.

Offline quickbeam

Well it seems she does like to handle wood... a good thing maybe?  :sarcastic:

Offline Matium

She really thinks she's going to get £300 an hour ,,,,,,,,,,,, in Darlington of all places?

Seriously deluded  :crazy:  :wacko:

I've sent her a message.. I'm interested in this tantric shit  :D

The tantric bodywork full body and mind massage is 1.5hrs.. She's tempting me!

Offline DaveMugabe

so good you had to say it twice?

Offline Bengeo13

Shall we all chip in a fiver, and pick straws to decide who can sample the rustic setting?

Does the mind massage include a lobotomy?

Geordie.....let us know how you get on. I could do with something a bit exotic. I could even put up with whale mating music as a change from yet another agency incall session soundtracked with Radio effing Tees!

Think I just read one of those Americanised advertorials for some weird product that I just don't need.....   :scare:

Offline DaveMugabe

Her pictures been changed - goddess must read this forum!

Offline maxxblue

Its the prices she needs to change.

Offline Mij

Hmm......so £260 and you get a foot rub, a massage, and a finger up your arse.

I'm all for tantric sex, but to coin the OP's subject..."WTF?"  :-)

Offline John280

The bit that caught my eye was the part that says you have to bring your own condoms.  :dash:

'Note that service Only available Safely So as you are a man always remember to bring condoms with You as they are actually made for your sex organs.'

Seriously :timeout:

Offline Boom52

£130 an hour now.  Girl could do with a good spell checker and how to use a comma!!

Would I be tempted.....errrr...no!!

Made me smile on a Friday though!!

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