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Author Topic: Delicious Demi - Warwick  (Read 3329 times)

3 review(s) for Darling Demi (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Toby

Delicious Demi - https://www.adultwork.com/165026
1hr incall £120

I booked Demi for a Tie and Tease session. I've got limited sexual experience, and didn't want any worries about performance issues to spoil my hour. Called her 5 minutes before my booking, and was given the directions to her door. I was met by Demi wearing a black bra and very small thong (her, not me). She showed me to the bedroom, and I handed over the cash. She gave me a bit of an odd look, so I'm not sure if that was the right or wrong thing to do before chatting (no idea about the etiquette is in these circumstances). She asked if I wanted a shower, which I accepted, and she led me to the bathroom telling me to hang my clothes on the back of the door. After a quick shower I got dressed again, and headed back into the bedroom. Demi looked at me, and said "Why are your clothes still on?". I mumbled something about not knowing if I was supposed to come out naked. She said that I could have used the towel to wrap around me.  :dash:

She clarified that I'd asked for Tie and Tease, and then said that she hadn't dressed up because she didn't know what I'd wanted her to wear. I explained that I'd gone for that as I'm not very sexually experienced, and didn't want the worry of 'performing', so hadn't considered asking her to wear anything in particular. Demi pointed to a tv on the wall, which was playing some porn, and said "That's performing. You're here to enjoy yourself". A nice touch for a newbie, I thought.  :)

She undressed me of the clothes that I'd put back on, and then got me to sit on the bed. She then blindfolded me, and guided me to lie back, before she strapped some wrist restraints on me. The remaining time consisted of various sensory delights: brushing her long hair across my skin, scraping her nails, dripping ice cold water (which made me jump), sucking on my nipples, as well as more intimate activities. At one point she asked if I liked anal play. I said that I had no idea, as I hadn't tried it before. Turns out that I like anal play. I didn't cum, which was one of the things I was worried about. She asked if I masterbated a lot, and I said once a day. She said I needed to try to cut back, as I was used to cumming through my own actions and not used other people's touch.

Summary: a very enjoyable booking, even though I didn't cum. The sessions was intense, even though it was tame compared to a review I've read on here, and at one point I thought my dick was physically going to explode it was getting so hard.  :scare: If I had have cum I think they'd have heard me across the street. Demi's flat was nice and clean, and Demi herself friendly and welcoming. She has a variety of play items and clothing that I saw, and I was a little worried at the start at seeing a large strap on dildo hanging up.  :sarcastic: Definitely going see her again.

- Nice clean flat
- Friendly and 'real' service
- Lot of free parking
- By the looks of the items around her flat, she offers a variety of services
- Clean bathroom with a variety of men's toiletries to use

- entrance is off the road, but neighbours must know what's going on as the staircase leading up to her door is open. There's only so many men that can go to a property before things look suspicious. Not a deal breaker though.

- enhanced breasts. Not my thing, but I know some people like that, so it goes down as a neutral.

Anything I've missed out?

3 review(s) found for Darling Demi linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline saf1976

I'd recommend Demi as well. She is a real talker though  :lol: but great service and on the number of times i've seen her she has had a different outfit on each time.

I tend to hand over the cash before being asked to avoid awkwardness.

Offline Toby

Yes, she does like to talk. That helped relax me though, so I'd count that as a plus. :)

I could easily see myself becoming a regular of hers.

Roland D Hay

Good review Toby and thanks for mentioning the fake tits  :drinks:

A good review indeed, all the right details to help others, but without too much erotica.

She is correct, cut back the masturbation generally and if you can don't do it for a week or more before punting it will help performance issues.

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