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Author Topic: punting average  (Read 730 times)

I did some stats recently on my punting experiences and overall about 20% negative and 10% neutral and the rest positive for new punts. Very happy with those stats as I mainly see my favourites anyway - but what are the average stats for first time punts?

Offline nigel4498

Out of the last 15 punts I have had 2 negatives and one of them was because I walked (and they were both plan b) all the rest were positive. Either I do my research well or I am just easy pleased. :rolleyes:
No idea what the percentage is as crap at maths.


I think you guys have been lucky :)
my walk away and neutral/bad ratio was a lot higher prior to leveraging UKP.
I can think of at least a couple of dozen WG's I would have visited but due to your experiences, I have managed to avoid :)  :hi:

Another dimension to your subject title is the fee paid - from what I have read, a very good experienced gained when girls fees range from 80-120.
For incalls, I found great punts at the 80 mark but of newer girls and then they have increased or disappeared.

150 being the top end for WGs that provide All services.

Average punt time has gone up from 30-60 mins for 4+ hours - blame RB's for that  :lol: :yahoo:

Offline wristjob

18 new girls in 2014, 3 were disappointing, probably 3 were neutral and probably half were really good. No complete disasters, 2014 is turning out to be a cracking year.

2012 I saw 16 new girls. 3 were really horrible experiences, literally out the door before the booking finished and probably needed therapy after. A couple that were just moderately bad, 3 that were excellent and about half were neutral.

So basically way way better nowadays and add to that the fact I expect more. UKP helped, more experience and a big dose of luck.

Offline SirFrank

Since I joined UKP I've probably had one shite punt (non UKP reviewed girl) and have no doubt avoided several others who I had my eye on. However, while I've had some outstanding drillings, over the years Evel Knievel has had more successful jumps than me
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Pretty consistent results - and if you walk on the bad punts - and do return visits on the good ones - then overall happy times. My punting quality has definitely improved since reading UPK - but still take the occasional chance - when something in the profile really appeals.

Offline Gordo987

Over the years I've walked twice and should have walked on another occasion. If I go for a fuck and I end up fucking I always feel positive, and sometimes the fucking has been so excellent that I still remember the girl and the place. There have been three times when my cock has failed to get hard, and I know it wasn't the girl's fault, so now I take pills. My very first serious punt (went into a couple of crappy foreign brothels as a kid) was a massage with a happy ending - no an amazing ending - and few since have been as good. All in all, I guess I've had my money's worth. :thumbsup:
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Offline dilettante

2x --'s out of 18 punts, but this is only with 9 different girls - and I at least got a shag each time so not complaining.

Offline LL

If I'm punting someone I've not heard anything about then most of the time it's either a neutral or negative experience rather than positive.  Even with these stats I'm still drawn to the excitement of punting an "unknown" girl.

Offline yorkshire123

As a bit of a self confessed fluffy i try to see the positive in every punt.
i have walked twice, robbed once & left really disappointed on a handful of occasions.
As i don't keep records its difficult to give a percentage but i would guess that i get a post punt buzz around 90% of the time, not bad considering that i went at it like a lunatic when i first started punting.
On the flip side of that, what i considered superb last year i would probably rate a satisfactory this year as the more i see the more expectations i have.
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Offline Gordo987

If I'm punting someone I've not heard anything about then most of the time it's either a neutral or negative experience rather than positive.  Even with these stats I'm still drawn to the excitement of punting an "unknown" girl.

I agree completely about the excitement and the anticipation of a different girl. I've only done a repeat punt twice. The first girl remembered me and said I was a 'very nice man' and then started moaning on about how some other punters were bastards and too rough with her etc etc.  :rolleyes:

The second one didn't remember me at all (TFFT) and instead of behaving like a 'cool courtesan' which she did the first time, she gave me a real slutty whore experience which was great. One of the few times I've cum twice in a single punt - first over the end of the bed while she still had her knickers on. I remember her clit protruded about half an inch.:D

So, no more repeat appointments for me, unless something extra special turns up. :unknown:
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