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Author Topic: Electra of Diva  (Read 883 times)

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Offline Xerxes

1 hour incall, £150. http://www.divaescort.com/girls/blonde-south-kensington-electra/

The rating is neutral because WTF? is not available.

I've seen Electra several times and always had a lot of fun. She is very pretty, with a fabulous figure (size 6-8, with perfect tits) and has a wicked sense of humour. On top of which she gives sublime blowjobs and, without any faking, loves RO. That is, she is completely open about whether she wants to come or not. Sometimes it's "Just lick me until I'm excited, then I'll give you what you want", sometimes she needs to go all the way.

Today she came enthusiastically on my tongue, then there was a bit of cowgirl, then I asked to take off the condom and suck me off. Which she did, delightfully, twice. So there we were, 30 minutes in with 30 minutes to go and... she kicks me out! "The agency has a rule, come twice in an hour, Anyway, you're not going to come again". Well, actually, with the right girl it has happened. And it's always fun to try; worst case scenario is leaving with a hard-on.

As I said, WTF? Maybe the rest of you can enlighten me.

Offline Jason

The rule she quoted is total bullshit because Electra is not working for just one agency - she is effectively independent just advertising for several agencies (Admirals, Peachy, Loyalty escorts, Babylon girls, etc). Perhaps you will find this post useful.

I saw Electra myself as well as her flatmate Lexi (named Angel in the directory of Diva) for whom I posted a review about. They never kicked me out but yet again I never came twice in 30 mins as I can pretty much last at will and therefore I time my sessions appropriately. In any case when I had some time to spare I had shower together with them, kept chatting, French kissing etc until the very last minute. After all you pay for the time and this is the ONLY rule. Me thinks that Electra passed you for a sure/loyal client and thought she doesn't need to prove herself anymore and the trick she employed is one targeting fluffy punters who will (wrongly) accept that it was their fault for what happened and not challenge her. You always need to be assertive and never allow the prossie to take the lead. And if she wants to kick you out after 30mins despite paying for 1hr then she has to give you back £50 as her 30min fee is £100.

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