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Author Topic: where would be the best  (Read 749 times)

Offline walshy101

i have a week to myself for a bit of relaxation in a couple of weeks i dont have a massive budget looking for cheap place to go in europe where punting can be had 3-4 nights budget £700 flights acom and girls

Offline Jerboa

So 3-4 days, what sort of girls do you prefer, Latinas, Russians, Romanians etc? and how adventourous are you? just looking for escorts, parlours, walk-ups, saunaclubs, sex clubs, gangbang parties? Germany would be my first suggestion, you can do the tourist sights, have a couple of biers and a bratwurst, then go and shag some hookers.

Offline Steely Dan

agree w/ Jerboa.  Berlin/Frankfurt/Koln all work.  Berlin probably best for non punting variety of things to do, but all 3 have much to offer.

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