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Author Topic: escorts skills by origin  (Read 398 times)

Hello mates this seems to be annual topic but since I am new here in london or to put it, in uk I just wanted to know about sex girls here I have heard that apart from the local English girls here you got many from eastern European, oriental origin,Indian and south American working here since many of you out there must have had your experiences with either of them, who do you might say are better skilled in their work like oral and all the position, hope to see some comments here thanks folks.

Offline nigel4498

Hi atlantic and welcome to these shores. :hi:
Avoid Romanians, there are exceptions but generally poor service offered and extras charged.
Other EE are variable. I have had good service from Polish, Hungarian and Lithuanian girls though some might differ.
Thai and Chinese are debatable to what they offer. Though I have had good service from a Malaysian girl.
Independent British girls offer the best service but that's my view. Like any nationality you get good and bad.
Sample the wares  :P and good luck, happy punting.

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