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Author Topic: anyone seen sexxykitten or sexxynina  (Read 707 times)


I'm interested in seeing either of these two girls.  Great profiles and I always like to do a bit of strap on play which both of these say they can do.  Got my foot in plaster so can only do an outcall to my place at the moment.

Am a bit worried as i think these girls may work in a b&s brothel so dont want a girl i dont like sent down to my place.

sexxykitten https://www.adultwork.com/2170037
sexxynina https://www.adultwork.com/2194925

I know this is an old post but I just came across it while searching for nina so thought I'd respond.

sexxykitten definitely is a B&S brothel, very close to Woolwhich Arsenal DLR station.  That was actually my first punt (I wrote a post about it) and apart from the B&S aspect of it I had an ok time and the girl I did see was very nice (seemed genuinely to be a student, spoke fluent English and seemed like a bright girl), it was just rather vanilla.  The girl in the pics may or may not really work there as the pics look like they were taken in the same location that I visited, but I'd assume you won't get to see her if you pay a visit.

sexxynina I was actually hoping to find out a bit about myself.  She seems to move around a lot (last week she was near Customs House, this week she appears to be in Croydon), so it seems unlikely to me that it's a B&S brothel - although the similarity in the names makes me wonder if there's a connection.  Bit odd that her nationality is listed as Latvian yet her profile describes her as Russian.  Funnily enough she actually looks a bit like the girl I ended up seeing when I went to visit sexxykitten, and she also spoke English with a kind of American accent, but I'd be kind of surprised if it was her.

I actually drove to that brothel and just didn't like the look if it.

Nearly had nina for an outcall but again am worried I may end up with a different girl knocking on my door.

Kitten looks great and aw feedback says she is real but we all know what use aw feedback is

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