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Author Topic: Hows the best way to save private pics on your computer?  (Read 564 times)

Offline Bob333

I know its been said on here before but I can't see it now.

Thanks in advance.

Offline Jacob

Mozilla Firefox browser and install 'RightToClick' addon. If you do use FF make sure you also install 'Tineye' addon to check for matches and spot some likely fakes and report them. Whilst I'm on the subject check out 'Pixlr Grabber' as it's very useful for grabbing snapshots of pages and user defined areas.

There are other methods, 'RightToClick' basically disrupts the javascript used to disable the Right Click context menu, which you need. Adultwork improved the script several months ago so using the old spacebar trick in IE no longer works.

There are other methods dependent on Browser, I'm sure others will give their opinions.

Edit: This may not be what you are asking exactly, though assume it is as posted in auto-censored and the question does often come up. If it's about privacy itself then use some free encrytion software and ideally store on a portable drive. Androsa FileProtector comes to mind.
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Offline Matium

The answer will depend on who has access to your computer?

Is it a laptop or a desktop?

Do you only have access or does your wife, girlfriend, family, children have access as well?

Offline Bob333

Desktop and only i have access.

Offline Matium

If it is only you who has access and you are confident that no one else ever will, then:

1) Do absolutely nothing - if no one else is ever going to use that computer then you can download and keep the photos where you like, including the desktop

or 2) if you are afraid that somebody may inadvertently log on and use your computer then create a user profile:

Click Start - Control Panel - User Accounts-Manage Accounts-Create Profile-Create Password.

A password protected user profile will protect you from people who by chance go to on your computer.

(If you had a wife,girlfriend,family,children then I would have shown you how to create a virtual drive but as you don't, you don't need that level of protection).

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Safari on the iPad seems to ignore the JavaScript. I have no problem saving the pictures, if I wanted to.
For reference purposes only, of course. ;)

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