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Author Topic: not much around?  (Read 618 times)

Is anyone else finding there isnt much around?
Looking for something a bit different?
I like new girls or girls that don't work very often.
Aw seems to be full of fakes and the same old faces

Offline jonalpha

I don't really look much on adultwork but I was thinking the opposite. There seem to be a nice crop of new girls cropping up on the agencies at the minute.

The thing about agencies you don't get a feel for what they are like. Had a few good punts with newer agency girls, and more established oned. Would prefer amateur types if such a thing exists!

Offline jonalpha

You do get a few enthusiastic amateurs at the agencies as well. In fact agencies are ideal for those girls who just do this once or twice a week for a bit of fun and extra cash as they don't have all the hassle of arranging appointments, flats etc. They just turn up, do their few hours and are away again.

I've had some fantastic times and most of my bookings with agency girls and only seen 3 from AW.

Can anyone recommend any new agency girls who aren't too experienced?

Offline Toshiba

I only use agencies,cheaper imho as the indies seem to all want £60/70 per 30 min punts

Lots of new young totty around diamonds etc

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