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Author Topic: Demi?  (Read 1002 times)

Offline M8gic

She is a fake, gave me a number which was the wrong number, so the next day requested another number and surprise surprise it was a different fake number. I could not see what benefit it was to this pros side giving out fake numbers unless it's some sad low life at home with too much times on their hands.

Also the profile states;

"If got this ALERT: on my profile because iv had  a profile here before, my profile is 100% genuine guys xx"

If she says it's genuine then it must be genuine (sarcasm)

Last login today.

So whats the story? What is the angle here? I had an episode with aRB where I was mucked about (profile disappeared)
I can only think that some people want telephone numbers of punters?

why though I dont know?

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