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Author Topic: Delicious Poison 2 Formerly Witham now Dagenham  (Read 1029 times)

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Offline Neal69

Saw This one a little while back.

 https://www.adultwork.com/2018220 or https://www.adultwork.com/delicious%5Fpoison

At the time she was in Witham but has since relocated to Dagenham or Barking so if this review needs to be moved into the London section please do so.

Although she had been in my Hot List for a while on the day she was Plan B.

Phoned and got an immediate answer, arranged a time and was asked to put a booking thru AW (no probs for me). Texted street name and was asked to ring for house number when I got there.

Arrived at a residential street close to Witham Centre, phoned and was given house number.

Venue was someone's home so exactly what one would expect, nice clean and tidy.

Was greeted with a kiss from a short good looking Black Lady with curves evident under a dress. Drink was offered and provided then upstairs to the bedroom admiring that ass the whole way up. Dee apologised for the single bed but it was not her home and anyway this is a bit redundant now as she has moved.

Straight down to FK and boy can this girl kiss. Off came the dress in pretty short order and this was soon followed by the undies. If you like kissing this girl is one for you she simply did not stop.

As I said she is quite short at 5 3 ish but she is all tits and ass. Not exactly slim line but not fat either just a typical big assed Black Girl. No face pics in PG but you will not be disappointed. Loads of kissing and touching was getting the little fellah very interested and OWO was building up a bit of a head of steam for me. Some RO and a sweet tasting shaved pussy seemed to get Dee in the mood as well. Soon I had her bouncing up and down on my dick re creating a scene from her PG which I had purchased. Although Dee was willing to do any position the Girl on top was doing it for me and she soon had my shooting my load into the condom.

Conversation with Dee was interesting as she is quite funny and we did have a good laugh.

Quick drink and she was all set to go for round 2. No messing around with this one straight into the full on FK again.

The little fellah was soon interested again and was treated to a long sloppy blow job(without) with loads of eye contact and dribbling spit on my cock which I found most erotic. She soon had me popping for a second time and although it was not CIM it was pretty close to it.

I must say that the booking went with a certain rhythm and by the second pop the hour was just about up. No Clock watching from Dee but I was aware of the time. She was in no rush to get me out of the door and we did have a bit of a banter for a while before I left.

I must say that this has been one of my best punts to date and I am only sorry that she has not stayed in Witham and I am very tempted to make the trip down to Barking to see her again.

As mentioned before the only fault I had with her was the single bed but that did actually make us closer for the prolonged FK sessions.

If you like slim size 6 to 10 this one is not for you.

But if you like a real GFE and  full on FK with  a bit to get your hands round I would definitely recommend this one.

1 review(s) found for delicious_poison linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline socks

Nice one Neal, one question, she doesn't look too plump at all but her arse in picture 3 on her homepage is 100% full on. A great sight! Has she got a particularly large bum, it looks wonderful!!!

Offline Neal69

Hi Socks,

As I said in the review she is a typical big assed Black Girl.

The sight is more dramatic due to her lack of height around 5 2 to 5 3 ish.

Definitely not fat but not a slim girl either. There is a distinct waistline which of course is highlighted by the large tits. There is a bit of a tummy but not excessive.

Skin is soft and smooth and she sure did it for me in the looks department.

Apart from her remarkable enthusiasm for kissing I thought she was a really nice girl to speak to as well and we certainly had a good bit of banter as I teased her remorselessly when she almost slipped up and made a bit of an ageist comment (I am much older than her) which she took all in good humour.

I would recommend this one for sure.

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