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Author Topic: Adriana of Amour  (Read 2271 times)

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Offline bobdavid


2 hour outcall

Well, after a disastrous booking with Dominique, who is no longer with Amour, Stacey recommended Adriana to me after I mentioned that I have a liking for Polish girls...

And... wow :-) ... Adriana insisted that she'd met me before, which I remembered, but she was working for Newcastle Escorts at the time under a different now. When Adriana arrived, I was taken aback - she is gorgeous, absolutely stunning.

We got the formalities out of the way and then moved to the bed, slowly undressing each other until we were naked... then kissed and chatted before I took the plunge and went down on her. Her pussy was so sweet, I could've eaten her all night I think :-) ... but once she was gushingly wet, she reciprocated and brought my soldier to attention before slipping on a condom. We then screwed in 3 or 4 different positions before I could finally hold it no longer.

More kissing, chatting and drinking before round two - which was even better than the first.

Adriana is fantastic. Highly recommended. I will definitely be seeing her again - sooner rather than later this time :-)

Offline Toshiba

Thanks for the review.she is stunning

Offline themademan2

Just had to go see for myself what I had been missing out on,  I'm a fussy cunt, couldn't believe how good looking she was, how polite she was - and how good she was in bed!!! French kissing was on another level, I let her go at her own pace with kissing. Before long it was sensual passionate French kissing for ages. Her body is flawless and lovely tan... Perfect teeth as well, a proper Colgate smile!!!!
Got to be the prettiest girl in the north east scene. Was well game for 2 rounds as well. Ended up leaving 5 mins past my booking time!!  Highly recommend for those who have yet to see her
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Offline Mike Hunt

I haven't seen her yet but pretty much on my list to do asap!...where roughly is the call for her it just says north shields..without giving too much away..or PM me if you want
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Offline bobdavid

Anyone know whether or not Adriana is still working..? She's not with Amour AFAICT, anyway :-( ...

Offline OscarC

Look on Gracie's Girls. Lille.

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