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Author Topic: spoilt for choice this week  (Read 514 times)

Offline ohfook1t

first time in a while that i have spare time on my hands and upon checking the calendars there is some great choice this week.
adrianna, savanaha @ amour. Grace, lilly,eva, morgan@ diamonds and then theres rosie/emily @nne/ene and thats just the agency girls... havent even checked aw yet for indie availability. After reading FB's review of lilly and eva i am tempted by the 2 of them where as book an hour with one of them and then have the 2nd girl join us for the last half hour. really fancy a booking like that. does anyone know of any indies that may offer this type of booking?

decisions decision.............

Offline bobdavid

I can highly recommend Adriana at Amour ... I'm just about to post a review actually.

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